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A tutor is not a mentor.


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A person’s mentor is someone who gives them help and advice over a period of time, especially help and advice related to their chosen profession. That sums up to say a lot about what a SOLA Mentor is trained to do, but that’s not all.


Our Mentoring includes practical life skills discussions and passive exercises focused on ideation control to mitigate stress, frustration----and yes--- even to help identify levels of emotional upset before the anger comes forward.


No person is an island. Our mentors present a view of the world that is about being part of a team. Every family at times, has need for someone else to periodically engage appropriately with their children.

Mentors are not counselors. They are best understood as life coaches endowed with special knowledge about different career paths as well as how higher education beyond high school is important. The main purpose of SOLA Mentors is to help strengthen each family’s bonding with the focus on family education and healthcare for all as well as access to these important areas in our lives.

Parents and significant others are always invited to sit and observe the quality of work performed by our assigned SOLA Mentor.