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Models of Healthcare in our world.


By Dr. Paul Song

DATE: March 10, 2021


Bio: Dr. Paul Song, Oncologist.

Dr. Song is possibly America’s premier public speaker who remains focused on making sure the general public is correctly informed about why America needs to create a Single Payer Healthcare System to replace the current outdated one that does not have comparable medical outcomes.


Most Americans don’t even know how to answer, “What type of Healthcare model does America have?” So if you are tiered of not being sure how to answer that question, it may be time to sit back and listen to a truly down-to-earth professional. Our current model of Healthcare continues to be America’s main reason for family bankruptcy. Dr. Song courageously speaks on this subject because, as a cancer specialist, he has seen many families go bankrupt. 


There is no other economically advanced ally to America that shares such a grim reality. All of America’s historical allies maintain Single Payer Healthcare Systems and many of those excel above the American Healthcare model. Dr. Song will help you to understand America’s Healthcare standing among the highest rated medical models around the world.


Come get the truth through this easy to understand presenter. Know what you want before the time comes when you may have to vote on the matter of Healthcare. Please register below.

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