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Luis South has been a volunteer at various L.A City Recreation and Parks facilities while he was a teacher and school counselor throughout inner city Los Angeles since 1987. He is well known within the Los Angeles community as a solutions expert in the field of education and community development. He has an undergrad degree in Dramatic Arts from Ithaca College and advanced degrees as school counselor and administrator from Loyola Marymount University and Cal State Dominguez Hills. South now brings together a team of other education and social services professionals to serve from the community level in a new nonprofit appropriately called South of LA (SOLA). The objective of this after school program is to design and implement after school experiences for students interested in developing themselves through sports and a variety of life skills courses.

David Miller is a community-based outreach coordinator with an emphasis on emergency preparedness, government and media relations, financial literacy, and education. David has over 15 years experience of international marketing and promotions including two years working with the black eyed peas. He has also worked closely with prominent leaders nationwide, at all levels, in the public, private and non-profit sectors. David Miller is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Political Science, and a minor in African-American Studies. He also holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from CUNY Baruch College in New York as part of the National Urban Fellows program. Mr. Miller has been brought on board to align a network of resources that will be uniquely and creatively applied to produce innovative community-based results.


Woody Ford was an Internal Revenue Service community volunteer training instructor when Mr. South came into his class as a student in 1978. Mr. Ford is the person who has guided SOLA's application to become a nonprofit organization. He will now sit on our board to continue as the advisor on technicalities concerning reporting our finances to the state and federal government.





Jessie Barbour is Director of Education Psych & Community Based Education.  "Ms. Jessie" is a native of Los Angeles. She served as a teacher and counselor in the public school system for 29 years. She has always been the pillar Mr. South relies on when he has students in need of specialized counseling services. She has always shared with him that one day they both will work from the community level to provide practical services to help students grow well and strong. She will now work through SOLA to create a sustainable model of techniques and strategies for student education and development from the community and home levels.


Barbara Flemmings is an Art Teacher.  Barbara is very knowledgeable advocate for healthcare and our health system because she was a Registered Nurse for many years. She has evolved into one of the most recognized artists in Jefferson Park. Her works as a doll maker have been displayed at William Grant Still, L.A Art Walk and other Los Angeles venues. She collaborates as the premier artist on many Jefferson Park Neighbors Association festivals and children's art clinics over the past 15 years.  Barbara has agreed to continue her art experiences designed for young and old alike through SOLA.


Tony Hicks is an educational consultant, specializing in parent and community involvement and provides services to schools, agencies, and organizations. Tony has worked in the public school system for more than twenty-five years, serving as a district level parent coordinator and community liaison with Compton Unified School District. Currently he writes weekly educational articles on, teaches parent education classes at schools throughout Los Angeles County for The Parent Institute, helping families prepare for college and careers, and serves as Chairperson for the advocacy group, The Black Parent Union. Tony is the father of three grown children, and a graduate of California State University Long Beach. His experience includes; working in the classroom, serving on councils/committees, coordinating the activities of parent liaisons, conducting workshops, mentoring students, training staff, hosting a cable TV show, and leading instructional audits. Tony is a member of several educational organizations including; Education Is A Civil Right, The Black Parent Union, Coalition for Black Student Equity, World Educational Organization Network, Neighborhood Reunion Association, and South of Los Angeles. One of Tony’s personal interests is re-uniting family and friends to celebrate their unique relationships; which he has been involved in for over twenty-five years. Tony enjoys music, dancing, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, track & field, reading, and other recreational activities.


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