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Thanks for taking the time to peruse this simple web page, an introduction to the basic focus offered by a team of  professional specialists in supplemental child services. Being that we are a collaboration of California State credentialed educators working with experienced social service professionals having a combined total of over 100 years of experience, we are of the opinion that the best time to enter a child's life with a plan and movement towards academic success should happen sometime during the first five years, before entry into elementary school. However, it is never too late for this idea.

Our offer to child centers and families is to assess precisely what you, provider, offer children then to formulate a structured set of practical activities South of L.A staff could come to do with students and/or their parents as well as professional staff.

The easiest way to begin a business relationship would be to have one of our representatives pay one visit to meet with you to speak about your present program concerning child development and education.  I would then draft a formal offer detailing the most appropriate services I could offer.  My focus is to present you with a collaboration whereby your institution will become even more noted as a powerful education center.

Children, their family, and professional staff will receive support services designed to remove barriers so the highest quality education process flows smoothly. 

Our approach is intentionally about institution building, not a disconnected outside service with a separate agenda. Our record speaks for itself.  More info available upon request.

Luis South, M.A/pps


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